Monday, 3 March 2014

So Many 'Shoulds'

Putting so much pressure on myself that I 'should' be doing this, I 'should' be doing that. I presuppose the consequences of not doing these things (all to do with making a living, I might add). And yet, all the while, I don't feel to do any of them with total conviction. I'm either pulling the wool over my own eyes or I really 'shouldn't' be doing any of them! The only thing I really want to do is just be, in the moment, connecting with my life essence. Now. That place is good, right, safe, wise, perfect, whole and complete. Fulfilment. In that space, everything is in order. If I died right now, I could be in no better consciousness to pass over. How fortunate am I to know that place and how to access it at will. A thousand thank-yous to my teacher, for this experience beyond my mind, words and thought. So simple, so healing, so everything. Nothing is more important than this.

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