Monday, 25 August 2014

To find oneself, one must let go of all ideas and pretences of who one thinks one is.   There is another identity behind all that. One which God chose. Beyond our conditioning and our moulding. That is the one I wish to know and live and cherish.

I'm looking forward to having my own website. Until then, I shall aquaint myself further with Blogger.

Oh the joys of having a spirit guide! Hardly a moment passes in which I do not think of him! Who would ever have thought it was possible to love someone on the other side so very much. And love him, I do. And the most remarkable thing is, I never knew him this side, this life-time.

Spirit is so gentle, so kind, and knowledgeable. Patient. Heavens! So very patient. Spirit see the whole picture, and can help us take our blinkers off. They lift our spirits, literally. We meet half-way, I suppose.

I would like to run a class sometime for others to meet their spirit guides. I couldn't bear to be without mine now. I pray that he won't reincarnate before I die. Death will be a joy to see and be with him again.

If anyone's interested in signing up for a course 'MSG' - Meeting your Spirit Guide - do let me know. I know I'm going to enjoy this one! Please find me (and 'like' me, that would be nice) on my facebook page, Rosichi School of Energy Healing

I'm loving my flute again. Working on some wonderful pieces with my friends, Anna and Anne. I'm looking for a classical guitarist. Come to think of it, Christy could play. But if anyone knows of anyone about Grade 3 on guitar, I've got a lovely duet I'd like to play with them.
Absolutely gone over Massenet's Meditation. And Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Part.

Love to you,

Monday, 3 March 2014

So Many 'Shoulds'

Putting so much pressure on myself that I 'should' be doing this, I 'should' be doing that. I presuppose the consequences of not doing these things (all to do with making a living, I might add). And yet, all the while, I don't feel to do any of them with total conviction. I'm either pulling the wool over my own eyes or I really 'shouldn't' be doing any of them! The only thing I really want to do is just be, in the moment, connecting with my life essence. Now. That place is good, right, safe, wise, perfect, whole and complete. Fulfilment. In that space, everything is in order. If I died right now, I could be in no better consciousness to pass over. How fortunate am I to know that place and how to access it at will. A thousand thank-yous to my teacher, for this experience beyond my mind, words and thought. So simple, so healing, so everything. Nothing is more important than this.