Monday, 16 July 2012

Right now I'm feelin' good

When the pressure eases and everything comes together, oh boy, does it feel good!
When there's land in sight after months of being at sea, oh boy, am I grateful!
When I feel relaxed and life is working, oh boy, what a relief!
When things start to go right even though it would appear on the outside that things are dreadful, then hey, I must be on the right track!

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When you feel your Reiki isn't working...

When you feel your Reiki isn't working, or you can't feel what you expect to feel, just keep doing daily self-practice.

Rid your mind of all concepts of what you think you should be experiencing, and listen to the slightest of sensations anywhere in your body. Don't dismiss anything you feel as 'just normal' feelings. The more you place your awareness on the subtle tingling/vibrations/heat/coolness,whatever you feel, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, the more you will enjoy it.

We have become so dense in many ways. It is our sensitivity which needs more fine tuning, by our acknowledgement. The Reiki energy itself is always there - so long as we are alive!

I never feel heat in my hands. I used to doubt my ability, but I persisted. Now it can be quite blissful, feeling the lovely, lovely healing in my body under my hands. Aaaah! Like sinking into a delicious energy bath. Then my heart fills with gratitude and the experience is heightened.

I'm not saying I can expect this every time, but most times, so long as I have put that space aside with intention, it is there. Find also, your best time to be responsive. And of course, nothing can replace quiet, undisturbed space.

Learn to let go to twitching, electrical responses in your body. Move, go beyond your inhibitions. Those subtle, subtle sensations will soon become charged and active by practice. Be open to anything and accept, go with it, and Reiki will be there for you. It is such a rewarding and exciting journey.

Namaste, Rose

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tonight's Realisation

It comes as such an enormous relief to fully realise that the very best way to help someone is to help myself. I can never solve another's problems for them. How could I? That is their task and theirs alone. 

What use would it be to your child if you did not sever the umbilical cord?

As much as we love our children and feel so responsible for them, there comes a time when we have to cut that emotion and trust that they will swim free into their own ocean where they belong.

Be there for yourself and life will pick up your loved ones. Our lives belong to us, not each other. The closer I can be to God, the closer I can connect with true Spirit, the more effective my intention and desire for healing for my loved ones can be. This is all I have to concern myself with fundamentally. "Seek ye first..." and all that. Take the plank out of my own eye...

I feel I can expect big changes in my life now. It's sink or swim for some right now. And you know what? I suspect he's a brilliant swimmer really. I know it. He's about to find out!

I feel more optimistic. I feel at a turning point in my life. This in turn allowing my son to turn his life around. He's a winner. As my guide once said to me, "There's a loser in all of us." (Not what we want to hear, I know, but there is a certain amount of solace to be found in that word 'all'.)

We choose failure at some point only to catapult us into success.

When light comes, and trust really finds it's way into my experience, then OMG what a relief! So everything really is all right?! Everything really is meant to be, and everything's really gonna work out right?! Oh, wow! Thank God!

How we hate the hard times. How I struggle with my struggle! Then the light comes and I see clearly once again, beyond all the hope and holding on. Boy, does this life stretch me and pull me!

Evolution never did come easily.

I am thankful for my spiritual understanding. Even more so for my realization.