Thursday, 26 April 2012


Hello again, any passers by...

I have always kept diaries or journals. I record all my messages from Spirit. Before now I could not even dream of making them available for others to read. But, hey, what is there to lose?

My card this evening told me to drop my masks and be myself. What mask? What, me? Surely not...there must be some mistake!

Our masks become so much a part of our way of being that we fool even ourselves into believing that's who we are. To let my real self shine - eek, scary! That could change everything! Rock a few boats, bring new boats into harbour, all sorts. Mmm...

So we get on with our self-development; but really sometimes all we are doing is working at changing our masks. Fooling ourselves again. Adapting, making them appear more real.

Who we really are is already complete. Total. Fulfilled. Beautiful. At one with the Universe. Pure spirit.

The thing about masks is that they allow us to hide. Why hide? Umm, 'cos I'm afraid I will receive negativity from others if I honour myself completely. Who am I fooling?! Nothing could be farther from the truth. Okay, so we might as I said, rock a few boats, but that's their problem!

Years ago I had a dream. In the dream everyone was wearing a mask. It was one of the freakiest dreams I've ever had. And yet, in reality...

Masks are not always necessarily of our own making, although we do have to give ourselves permission to wear them. Many would project a mask onto someone for their own comfort. Some people allow themselves to get really ill rather than take the darn thing off. Fear of what others might think. I don't want to get ill. I don't want to live a lie. I choose to honour myself, take off all masks, take the plunge and get on with it.

It's all about accepting my vulnerability, being true to myself and trusting Life. It's also about being ready. I couldn't have done this any sooner; I needed the protection that my dear mask afforded me.

And even still, my 'plunge' will only be dipping my big toe in the water at first...shallow water, at that.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I have invited a few folk to be nosey and check out my Blog. So welcome all, and thank-you.

I am a Scorpio. We have four signs - the scorpion, the phoenix, the eagle and the dove. All about transmutation, shedding skins and evolution. Intensely! Of course.

So, very much relating to the old phoenix at the moment. It dies and is reborn from the ashes. I feel I have been waiting for this all my life. Major breakthrough on the horizon. Always held in by my moon in Cancer. Hey! Freedom time! Eureka!

No, I'm not an astrologer. Only the relevant teeny weeny bits I find interesting.

So today, Kayley, Tony and I met to develop our intuition and spiritual awareness.
How important it is for me to get help in my life! Can you imagine not having any help? Heck. It's hard enough as it is.

I get tremendous help from my spirit guides who whisper in my inner ear every night. Hinting at things to come, things that have passed by, and giving me insight into my life. Ever since the age of about 14, I wanted to know how life was supposed to work, and get it right. Get the most out of life, not in terms of what I did or achieved, but in terms of understanding what it's all about. Let's face it. We never know when our time is up. Might as well use this earthly life in the manner it was intended, eh?

I'm sure everyone does their best, but I would not like to be near the end and realise it all too late...

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Let's begin

My spirit guide, Craig, said to me last night, "Don't you have your own Blog?"
So here we go!

What shall I put in it?

Well, all sorts!

How much of me do I want to share with anyone out there? Mmm...Up till now, very little. But I know I have a lot to share of great value.

Value of Life, of Spirit. Of Divinity.

As I witness more friends battle with serious illness, it brings it home to me how time has been ticking. Suddenly I am really aware of the transience of this existence and the importance of filling my time with appreciation and love. For my consciousness is everything. It is my passport to a fulfilled existence. Not what I do, but where I am coming from. Coming from the right place can be so powerful in itself. Just sitting in silence can say so much. Can be so healing.

For so many years it has been a matter of keeping buoyant, keeping myself from going under emotionally - and failing over and over, but always finding myself back on my feet, stronger, more stable and substantial. More and more complete.

So now, at 54 years and a bit, I feel ready to start really living. Finding my purpose and getting on with it.

And what might that purpose be? Well, it has to do with shining a light. It is about Truth. It is about Fulfilment. It is the culmination of my Life training. How tremendously exciting!

Hey! I feel suddenly I could write and write and write!

This is fun and was so easy to set up!

Speak again soon.